關 / 於 / 我 / 們 TREE HOUSE是一間位於台灣的木材工藝工作室,我們的作品通常與生活有關。木工、泥作、植栽,這些生活小物都圍繞著「TREE HOUSE-樹屋」這個象徵「生活回歸到自然環境」理想中心去發展並且希望和大家分享一些簡單工作的過程。希望這個中心發展出來的這一磚一瓦,一草一木,能為大家帶來心靈的愉悅與平靜。

会 / 社 / 概 / 要 TREE HOUSEの作品は皆様の生活と深くかかわっています。多くの作品は、普段の生活に気付かなかった要素を見つけ、これをアレンジして創作したものです。木工、彫刻、ガーデニングなどを用いた作品は、「生活を自然に帰す」という理念にもとづく実践です。当社の作品を通して、皆様に安らぎや喜びの気持ちを届ければと幸いと思います。

TREE HOUSE/ TREE HOUSE is a woodworking workshop in Taiwan. Handcrafted works by Tree House are always close to our daily lives. We are not creators, we are just trying to turn the elements of carpentry, sculpture, and plants into real, tangible things. Our brand name, Tree house, also embodies the ideals of "Back to Nature", which we'd like to share with everyone through our dedication and creativity. We hope our work can bring you spiritual peace and harmony.

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Local flavor-Taipei Time-2011/11/30

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Local flavor

Independent designers offer plenty of unique gifts for this holiday season, ranging from paper art to a very thorough night market snack guide

By Catherine Shu  /  Staff Reporter

..." Located near National Taiwan Normal University (國立台灣師範大學), tiny cafe T.Loafer(閑隅, TLoafer.pixnet.net) sells an assortment of items by local designers, including scarves, cushions and change purses dyed in rich, muted colors with plant pigments from Sindian-based workshop Watch!Touch (手樸隨想, NT$980 to NT$1,280), hand-painted ceramics by Kidult and wooden compact mirrors and name card cases decorated with images of animals that look like illustrations from 1960s children’s picture books by Tree House (NT$280 to NT$600). Address: 20, Ln 141, Jinshan S Rd Sec 2, Taipei City (台北市金山南路二段141巷20號), tel: 0937-817-612. " ... 

這是2011/11/30Taipei Time一篇介紹台灣的設計師與手創工作室的部分文章內容,很高興可以藉由這個機會讓更多一點人認識TREE HOUSE! 延伸閱讀 : Taipei Time - Local flavor    或  點我看照片 .

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